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16 Stunning Christmas Dorm Decoration That You Want To Recreate

Christmas Dorm Decoration

Christmas is getting closer but you’re just not in the mood and miss home? I totally get that! I used to get homesick super fast. Not having the Christmas spirit can really change things. But when I decorate my room and make it cozy, I feel so much better! So these dorm room decor for Christmas Dorm Decoration ideas can really help you with that, even if it’s not the only way to cope with homesickness or if you’re not and just want a change.

Sometimes all it takes to feel better (and Christmassy) is to decorate your room a little different and add a few things to spice it up. Whether you’re going home for Christmas or not, these decor ideas are still perfect to get into the Christmas spirit, even if you won’t spend the actual holidays in your dorm.

Are you ready?

This Blog Post is All About Dorm Christmas Decorations as the best inspiration to decorate your dorm room for the holiday season.

  1. Christmas Dorm Decoration Fairy Lights

What is a sky without stars? And what is Christmas without the special star lights? This is one of the best Christmas dorm room decorating ideas ever! They are one of the magical dorm room decor ideas for Christmas, they will brighten up your dorm room with their magical presence and they give the feeling of comfort and ease, especially that of lying down under a starry night that’s not going to get dark at all. Stars are magical and I do love their effects!

  1. Window Snowflakes Clings

There is nothing cuter than having snowflakes clings to decorate our dorm window for Christmas. It is the best way to spruce up your dorm room for Christmas. There are different cute window snowflakes stickers that you’ll love and need to get one of them.

  1. Curtain String Lights

Another Christmas decoration for your dorm is hanging curtain string lights. They are the cheapest Christmas decoration ideas and make your dorm feel Christmas and so cozy.

  1. Christmas Dorm Decoration Photo Clips String Light

I love displaying my photos on the wall but it has a special taste in Christmas. Get a LED Christmas lights photo clips to add a special touch to your dorm room Christmas decorations displaying your best Christmas photos with your family as I see it the best way to feel them with you as you’re spending it all together but in your dorm ( if this does make sense to you?).

  1. Christmas Candles

This is the best way to make your dorm room smell Christmas Dorm Decoration is by lighting some Christmassy candles. I don’t think all the college Christmas decorations can be completed without this. This year, I’ve come across the best Christmas wax melts that smell divine.

I’m in love with these three wax melt scents because they are smelling Christmas. My roommate’s favorite is the Vanilla Caramel Spice as she said it smells like baking cookies, so Christmassy lol.

  1. Get a Christmas Throw Blanket

Let me tell you these ones are more than just a Christmas decoration, they’re cozy and warm. It’s an important item to decorate your dorm bed for Christmas. Imagine sitting on your chair-throwing on that colorful blanket while watching your favorite movie for the season. Some college students like to match their blankets with the Christmas tree, which is a great idea. I personally throw the blanket on the chair whenever I leave and just look at how cute it is next to my Christmas tree.

  1. Decorate your Dorm Room Door with Christmas Wallpaper

Dorm room Christmas wallpapers are my favorite! Do you know how you would like to have something on your door that just tells the world something about you? Well, that just serves this purpose during Christmas.

I like to give the person knocking on my dorm room a feeling of ‘it’s the season!’ so I’m prepared for it. Isn’t this one of the most amazing special dorm room Christmas decorations? Well, if you agree just get yourself a wallpaper and start dressing up that naked door.

Christmas Dorm Decoration

  1. Get a Christmas Sweater

I just love Christmas Sweaters. Honestly speaking. I have got 3 this year and they are looking so cute. It absolutely won’t feel Christmas without this Christmas sweater. Literally, it is a must. My roommate got a similar one so we can match haha.

  1. Hang Up Stockings

Stockings are like Santa calls for me! I can’t help but imagine finding something inside them, plus they give the dorm room a warm winter vibe.

They’re also one of the cutest Christmas dorm room decorations any college student could find, I really like how they serve both the Holiday season decoration purpose and the hiding gift for your friends! You can also get personalized Christmas stockings with your roommate which is really cool!


  1. Get Christmas Twinkle Lights

Those little Christmas twinkle star lights are perfect for decorating your dorm room Christmas tree, dorm room walls, and even windows! I like how their dim light shines in the darkness. All Christmas dorms decoration look like they’re dressed up in magical decor and of course, I would like my room to follow the trend!

  1. DIY Snowflakes

You can get creative with college Christmas decorations. It’s always a good idea to DIY some fake snow with your friends and displays them on your dorm walls or the dorm hallway.

  1. Christmassy Snow Globe

Who doesn’t love snow globes? It’s one of the most Christmas dorm decorations to decorate your desk with or even or bedside table.

  1. Christmas Dorm Decoration Mugs

Believe it or not, I’ve got the cutest Christmas mugs by September haha. Please, no judgment here! But they actually run out so quickly if you don’t get them quickly so this year, I play it smart lol. These seasonal mugs are so Christmas especially waking up in the morning and making your own espresso drinking it in these cute lovely Christmas mugs. So magical!

  1. Christmas Tinsel Garland

Christmas Tinsel Garland glitter is what gives life to every dorm room Christmas tree decoration during that magical season. I mean, I can’t imagine my mini-Christmas tree without them; they’re like fashionable dresses but only for tress haha. I’m into hanging them in the dorm room too and on every Christmas dorm door just to give it a cute look. My friend used them to decorate her dorm door for Christmas and they look so freaking good. This is a great Christmas dorm door decoration idea to try out this year!

  1. Decorate with Christmas Candy Cane

How cute these college dorm room Christmas decorative candy cane e on the wall tied with a red ribbon, in the jar next to the gifts, or on the Christmas tree is both cute and elegant. Candy canes are just a little necessary detail to make your dorm room Christmas decoration more innocent for candy. I just love how they are so cute decorating your dorm room window with garland as they can be the perfect combo.

  1. Matching Christmas Pyjamas with your Roommate

It won’t feel like Christmas if there are no matching Christmas pajamas with your roommate to get into the Christmas spirit in college. This is the first thing it ever comes to my mind. You’ve probably been doing this with your sisters.



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