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Bismuth – Crystal Meanings, Uses & Magick

Let’s learn everything we need to know about the gorgeously unusual crystal bismuth today. I love working with this crystal for its beauty as well as the energies it contains. In addition to explaining some of the science behind bismuth, I will also discuss some of the common beliefs about its metaphysical properties, healing power, and magical properties.

With its iridescent metallic rainbow colours, Bismuth is absolutely stunning to look at, aside from its meaning and uses in magick and witchcraft.

I plan on adding more pictures to this post as I collect more bismuth crystals.

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Topics Covered in this post:

What is Bismuth?

In nature, bismuth is twice as abundant as gold and can be found in the earth’s crusts. In the form of reflective metal crystals, Bismuth is a heavy, brittle chemical element that solidifies and expands in a step pyramid shape.

Bismuth is known for its beautiful reflective rainbow coloration caused by a thick oxide layer formed over its soft crystallized silvery-white metal interior. Its iridescent rainbow surface has a greater intensity of color when the oxide layer is thicker.

The chemical properties of bismuth are similar to those of arsenic and antimony, but it is considered non-toxic partly due to its low solubility.

Quick Facts about Bismuth

Periodic Table Attributes : Bi, 83

Hardness  (Moh’s Scale): 2-2.5


Origins are unclear, but it dates back to ancient times. Source Located naturally in the earth’s crust, seawater and soil where lead is found.


The by-product of mining other mined metals, such as lead, tungsten, and copper Commercial Uses- pigments in cosmetics

Commercial Use:

For example, pesto-embolism (aka bismuth substantiate)

Lead-free valves are used in potable water systems

As an ingredient in some pyrotechnics, such as crackling micro stars (aka dragon’s eggs)Historical Uses Used by the Incas in bronze alloys for knives Crystal Family & Shape- Hexagonal crystal family

– Rhomboidal lattice shape Other interesting science facts: -is the most naturally diamagnetic element, meaning it is repelled by a magnetic field- has one of the lowest thermal conductivity of all metals, making it highly resistant to electricity.

Bismuth Crystal Meanings and Uses _Metaphysical Properties of Bismuth

Planet Earth
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Chakra Use on all chakras, but especially on the crown and root
Main Themes


– Removing Blockages

– Transformation and change

– Purification

– Group or relationship dynamics

– Focus and Meditation

– Astral Travel

Removing Blockages, Transformation and Change

In addition to helping adapt to and cope with stressful circumstances and significant life changes, bismuth crystals also stimulate physical and mental energy. By doing so, one can adapt to these changes with a calm yet confident assurance while also recognizing and overcoming blocks one has imposed on themselves. By increasing one’s energy levels, bismuth crystals help prevent overwhelm and keep one’s life in order.

During difficult times, Bismuth’s healing, transforming, and grounding energies can give you the confidence, wisdom, and endurance to reach your goals. Bismuth is a very powerful mineral. Is particularly helpful for reducing anxiety and depression and for grounding and calming energy.


Since bismuth is made up of some of the building blocks of matter, it is known as a purification and cleansing element.

Group or Relationship Dynamics

Whether in a group or a relationship (of any kind, not just romantic), bismuth promotes honesty, happiness, solidarity, and faith and joy. It also promotes harmonious communication and strengthens relationships. Additionally, Bismuth is well known to help relieve feelings of loneliness and isolation (emotional and spiritual) and to ease social anxiety.

Focus and Meditation

Crystals made of bismuth are great for meditation, visualization work, and shamanic journeying. By staying grounded while working with higher vibrations/spiritual matters, it promotes focus and time management. During meditation or visualization, gazing into a bismuth crystal improves concentration, which helps one gain insight into issues they are trying to resolve.

In addition to stimulating energy, bismuth also works to clear the aura (aka: biological energy field). Meditative states can be achieved through it.

Astral Travel

Bismuth crystals are known to retain pre-programmed intentions, and this makes them particularly useful when traveling astrally. Bismuth can aid in astral travel if placed at the crown chakra.

How to Care for Bismuth Crystals

Because bismuth is a soft mineral, it scratches easily, and as such it should be stored and carried alone. Example: Separately.

Generally, any mineral with a Moh’s hardness rating of five or less is prone to scratching. Even dust particles may have a hardness greater than 5 – which means wiping the dust off could scratch it. Bismuth measures 2 to 2.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale, so please avoid scratching it.



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