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Fastest growing Beauty E-commerce in UK 2023

BRAND STORY- Matrigen Cosmetics UK

Matrigen Cosmetics UK is the fastest growing Beauty E-commerce and Retail website in the United Kingdom. Matrigen Cosmetics UK is to provide you with exceptional skin care products that produce noticeable results and aid in the renewal of the skin.

Matrigen Cosmetics UK is the Official UK Distributor of Korean Matrigen Professional Cosmetics, which is one of the leading cosmetic brands around the globe.

Matrigen Cosmetics UK has established a trustworthy online presence by being dedicated and devoted to its 100% Genuine Products, Best Prices and reliable customer service.

Alexandra Grumezescu, Founder & CEO, Matrigen Cosmetics UK

Says “As a Beautypreneur, Registered Nurse and Aesthetics Nurse for beauty and wellness, it drives me to always strive for excellence and reach greater heights. Matrigen Cosmetics UK has built a leading position in the aesthetic beauty market based on a culture of innovation, quality, excellence, and integrity. 

Yes, change is inevitable and a lot has progressed in the industry, but our core values and commitment to provide advanced skincare for the face, body, and hair will never falter. With this, establishing in-depth relationships with our clients by understanding their challenges and needs firsthand is what we do to offer innovative products.”

Matrigen Cosmetics UK Product Range

The professional skin care line under the Matrigen brand is formulated and developed for all skin types and is intended to brighten, revitalise, and the skin’s moisture levels. The only authorised retailer of the Matrigen brand in the UK is Matrigen Cosmetics UK.

  • Matrigen B-Tox Peel  
  • Matrigen ESR PDRN Ampoule
  • Matrigen Gluta Complex Ampoule, Matrigen VITAL INTENSE Ampoule
  • Matrigen Acne Free Active Ampoule
  • Matrigen Brightening Fluid, Cell Repair Fluid, Moisturising Fluid, Peptide Fluid, Blemish Fluid
  • Matrigen Complex A Collagen, Complex C Vitamin Ampules
  • Matrigen Anti-aging Products and many more.

With effective concentrated formula and various ingredients, Matrigen helps to build up skin structure and tissue connection, for a tightened & elastic skin after facial treatments.

Matrigen Cosmetics UK Product Segments

Skin Care: Ultra repair cream, skin repair cream, purifying cream, needleless protein thread, and Matrigen Multi Oxygen Cream, backed by research and designed to enhance the health and attractiveness of your skin.

Body Line: The Matrigen PPC Cream, Matrigen R.F Cream, and Matrigen PPC Ampoule are high-quality cosmetics free of dangerous components.

Consumables: Matrigen Cosmetics UK offers high-end cosmetic consumable supplies such needle syringes, PRP tubes, and inspection gloves. Consumables are a typical purchase for UK enterprises in the aesthetics industry because of their single-use nature, rapid usage, and frequent replacement requirements.

Dermal Fillers: Wide Range of Different Fillers and Professional Skin Care Products. Best Prices. Quality products. Fast shipping. 100% Quality Assurance.

Face Masks: With a hydro jelly mask, you can restore moisture, reduce wrinkles and blemishes, and rejuvenate, deep clean, heal, energise, and firm your skin.

Fat Dissolving:  Matrigen cosmetics UK offers the best quality of Fat Dissolving products for those who struggle with stubborn fat, that won’t disappear with diet and exercise.

Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is intended to rejuvenate cellulite, sagging skin, acne, and hands and neck

Dermastamp or Dermapen: Matrigen Cosmetics UK’s dermastamp or dermapen is one of the best, most reliable professional beauty tools.

Microneedling: Matrigen Cosmetics UK is the most reliable micro needling solution provider in the UK.

Numbing Cream: Numa numbing cream has the ability to ease the pain related to needle procedures, such as injections, vaccines, or blood tests.

PDO Threads: With PDO threads, you can have an immediate facelift that smooths out wrinkles, improves contours, and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Skin Boosters: Matrigen Cosmetics UK offers Skin Boosters to assist you to restore, moisturise, and further prevent damaged skin cells.

Best Skin Care Product in UK

Everything about the Matrigen brand is driven by dedication to make you look your best and boosting your self-confidence.

Matrigen products have activated hyaluronic acid in them. By acting as a building block for the skin, hyaluronic acid aids in keeping the skin hydrated, flexible, and resistant to environmental influences.

To assist distribute the actives deeply into the dermis; the active components in activated hyaluronic acid utilise hyaluronic molecules acid.



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