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How Long Does It Take For Glutes To Grow? The Truth!

Isn’t it amazing how working out can transform our butts? Your booty will pop if you work out and eat the right kinds of food! What is the length of time that glutes take to grow?

As early as 1 to 3 weeks after exercise, you will see minor changes to your glutes. After consistently working out and consuming proper nutrition for several years, more noticeable changes will be evident.

Let’s investigate a little more deeply now that you know roughly when you will start to see some changes.

How Long Will It Take For Your Glutes to Grow

Answering this question requires consideration of different factors.

First of all, each individual’s body works differently. Different genetics and metabolisms influence muscle gain (and loss) at different rates.

Our consistency differs from person to person. Keep in mind that a person who is more consistent with his or her workouts will see quicker results than one who isn’t.

Last but not least, the diet. Eating the right kinds of food will help you achieve better results. You can gain muscle and grow your booty by eating certain foods. Diet plays a huge role in getting a rounder bum!

If you are like me, you are probably thinking, “ I know that it is different for everybody, but can you give me a number so I know what I can expect?”

I got you, boo. 😉

There can be small changes as soon as one week, but don’t expect to gain an inch in just a week. A minor rounding or toning of your buttocks is usually all you will notice. Three weeks is a good average. The results, however, aren’t always visible right away. You start seeing significant changes around the three-month mark. Don’t give up.

Don’t forget to be patient and consistent! Be consistent at all times!

How Can You Grow Your Glutes Faster?

Knowing that it might take a while to grow a booty, you might wonder if there are ways to grow one quickly.

To speed up the process, you can certainly take steps.

Take in more protein!

I always preach this in my articles if you’ve been reading them for a while. Make sure you get enough protein! You’ll notice a HUGE difference in your glutes if you consume the right amount of protein every day. However, you’ll see results slower if your nutrition is off. To grow your booty, consume protein within 30 minutes of working out. Begin by increasing your protein intake every day.

Some great sources of protein:

  • Chicken breast
  • Lean beef
  • Lean turkey meat
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Greek yogurt
  • Cottage cheese

Protein powders and shakes can also be used. It’s possible to drink high-protein, low-calorie protein shakes. You won’t become big and bulky when you eat them. It’s not possible for women to bulk up like men do because we lack testosterone in our bodies.

Eat healthy carbs with your protein

In addition to eating protein after your workout, combine it with healthy carbohydrates to help you build and repair your muscles. Your glutes will also grow slower if you don’t consume enough carbohydrates.

Carbs aren’t all that bad for you, so don’t shy away from them.

Some healthy carb sources:

  • Brown rice
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Oats
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Whole grains

Do glute activation exercises before your workout

Activating your glutes is like warming up your body. The glutes of some people are really stubborn. They could be doing all the glute exercises and their glutes remain stubborn as a rock. You can overcome dead butt syndrome by doing glute activation exercises before you start working out.

Don’t work out your glutes every day

Exercising your glutes every day is far less effective than doing them three times a week in succession.

You need to let your glute muscles rest in order for them to grow. They will repair themselves, become stronger, and become thicker during the recovery process. Do your booty workout three times a week, like on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Here’s a simple schedule you can follow:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Glutes and/or Legs Upper body and/or Abs Glutes and/or Legs Upper body and/or Abs Glutes and/or Legs

Get rid of excess fat around your waist

You can make your butt appear bigger by making your waist smaller. Do not forget to work out your upper body and your abs while you are transforming your booty! Workouts that target your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques are best.

You must eat healthier foods in order to get a slimmer waist. Stay away from sugary foods and junk food. To truly reduce your waistline and make your booty appear bigger, stick with healthy, nutritious food.

Do resistance workouts

If you want to grow your booty, you should do resistance or strength training. Once you get comfortable with body weight butt workouts, you will eventually need to use resistance bands and weights to grow your gluten muscles.

Using weights and growing your flutes do not require a gym membership. You can purchase a dumbbell set plus resistance bands and grow your booty at home!

Resistance Bands

You can build your flute muscles with resistance bands! As well as providing resistance, they are also easy to store and travel with. They call booty bands or hip bands the most versatile resistance bands for growing flutes. They can be used for a variety of flute exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, fire hydrants, donkey kicks, banded walks, lateral leg lifts, and many more.

My personal recommendation is to get the fabric resistance bands. For various exercises, I have latex and fabric. I prefer fabric bands because they last longer and are more resistant. I recommend getting a set of fabric bands if this is your first resistance band. They come in various difficulty levels, which is great for increasing the intensity of Exercise your butts! Furthermore, some workouts will require stronger bands, while others will only require “light resistance”.

If you are planning to get resistance bands, I highly recommend two brands:

Arena Strength Fabric Booty Bands are the first. These resistance bands are top-quality and will last you a long time. It’s durable, not too tight that you can’t move your legs, not too stretchy that it doesn’t provide any resistance. The price of these booty bands is higher than those in the market, but they are of superior quality. The crowd loves them! They also come in a lot of colors. In addition, they come with a workout guide in a nice case. Click here to see what’s included.

I recommend the RenoJ Booty Bands as a second resistance band. Booty bands are an affordable resistance band set that is perfect for beginners who want to test them out first. RenoJ is both budget-friendly and high-quality at the same time. As most cheap resistance bands on the market are of low quality, choose one that is affordable without compromising the quality. If you’d like to find out how much these booty bands cost, click here.


The versatility of dumbbells makes them suitable for a variety of exercises. If you don’t have a kettle bell and your workout requires one, you can use a dumbbell instead. Dumbbells can instantly increase the intensity of flute exercises, such as squats, flute bridges, hip thrusts, and so on. Intensifying your workout will help you grow your flutes faster.

Dumbbell sets are great because they can be adjusted. You can easily switch the heaviness of the dumbbells with sets. Although these sets are more expensive up front, they give you the best value for your money. What if, instead of buying multiple dumbbells in different weights, you bought a dumbbell set?

Some dumbbell sets even come with a bar that will convert the dumbbell into a barbell.

This is the easiest to use, time-saving dumbbell set…

It takes just a few seconds to adjust the weight of the LifePro PowerUp Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Set. It’s so easy to adjust the weights! Just slide the sliders! Aside from the fact that it’s easy to store, the case it comes with is another thing I like about it. There isn’t much space required for storage, so you won’t have to worry. Especially useful for people who live in apartments or who do not have a home gym.

Get the most bang for your buck with dumbbell/barbell sets!

When working out your glutes, it is very helpful to have different types of weights available. For this reason, I recommend dumbbells and barbells. In addition to using them as dumbbells for squats and other exercises, you can also convert them into a barbell and use them for hip thrusts. One of the best ways to build glutes is to do hip thrusts.

You can buy the Brave Heart Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight for a very reasonable price. The hexagonal plates on this set make it very sturdy, and it won’t roll away when you set it down. It is also very comfortable and prevents calluses on my hands to have a rubber cushion on the barbell rod. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot on equipment yet, this set is ideal for you. This affordable dumbbell set can be found by clicking on this link .

The ultimate home gym equipment for growing your glutes!

If you want an all-in-one weight set for your booty-growing journey, then you should purchase a kettlebell-barbell-dumbbell set. Among the best dumbbell sets to get that are not prohibitively expensive is the Pinroyal 4 in 1 Adjustable Dumbbell Set. While this set is more expensive than the 2-in-1 barbell and dumbbell weights, considering the value for money, this is definitely a home gym essential. With this set plus resistance bands, you can create an affordable home gym. You can easily build a booty with that combination! Pinroyal offers six different weights in this dumbbell set. Click this link to find out what type of weights you can convert this to.

Why is my butt not growing?

Numerous factors may contribute to your glues not growing, such as: you do not consume enough calories, you do not activate your glues before your workout, and you do not use weights or resistance bands.

Make sure you are eating the right amount of food, that you are performing different glue exercises, and that you are increasing the intensity of your workout when it becomes easy for your muscles.

Can I grow my gluts at home?

Grow your gluts at home instead of signing up for a gym membership! If you want to grow your glues, you only need to do glue workouts 2-3 times per week, consume the right nutrients, and activate your glues.

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