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Lego Baby Yoda Review in 2022

Lego Baby Yoda Review

With a new season of The Mandalorian airing throughout the fall, LEGO’s most recent Star Wars tackle has launched at the perfect time. We are giving Star Wars suckers a chance to make their interpretation of The Child out of over pieces the moment we’re taking a look at the newest slipup- erected character from a world far, far down. Head below for a close look at the new LEGO Baby Yoda set and for all of the details in our rearmost review. 

Now that a new occasion of The Mandalorian will stress every Friday for the coming several weeks, we’re turning our attention to arguably the most iconic aspect of the show The Child. Having made his LEGO debut back in August with a lower Brick Headz figure, this month saw the preface of a further life-sized interpretation of the sweet character just as season two premiered. The moment we’re taking a look at how the most significant interpretation of Baby Yoda heaps over and to see if LEGO has been suitable to nail the design that’s made him so popular with suckers. 

Making together The Child 

So let’s get started with the figure itself and how the rearmost LEGO interpretation of Baby Yoda comes together. The figure comprises pieces, numerous of which are a dark tan color to make up The Child’s LEGO cloak. There’s also a smattering of green to complete the look for the character and some Technic bricks on the interior. 

When it’s all said and done, the figure itself is straightforward and revolves around constructing an inner frame and padding it with some details. It’s the same approach we’ve seen in the history for this slipup- erected characters and continues to be a successful way to assemble the likeness of Star Wars icons. 

Assembly took around an hour and a half to erect The Child. There’s nothing too tricky in the instructions, but some satisfying ways bring the character to life, especially when it comes to a head, which is the section of the figure that makes or breaks the set. But more on that in a bit. 

Some highlights from new LEGO Baby Yoda 

Once erected together, the rearmost LEGO Baby Yoda set daisies seven and a half elevation altitudinous. That nearly makes him life-sized, but not relatively. Still, the creation is a great size that blends in impeccably with the other buildable Star Wars characters we’ve seen. There are some emotional structure ways in creating The Child’s cloak and giving it the swaddled effect that you’d anticipate from the series. 

When it comes to playing features or the capability to pose Baby Yoda, LEGO puts all of the emphasis on the head. The Child’s hands can move around with possible cakes, but the arms are locked. So there aren’t too numerous ways you can place the creation up on display. But where all the charm comes out is with the face and cognizance. 

You’ll be suitable to move Baby Yoda’s LEGO cognizance over and down to give him colorful feelings while also opening and closing his mouth. All effects considered, the figure does an excellent job of letting The Child be suggestive, at least further than I was firstly awaiting from a static creation meant to put on display. 

However, it comes down to whether you find the final product as cute as the on-screen likeness. LEGO Baby Yoda did a fantastic job landing the comeliness you’d anticipate from Baby Yoda in my book, but that’s a more private station. But what I can say further objectively is that the figure is accurate enough to the real-life mount of The Child and does a great job blending in the usual skinny, LEGO design cues. 

Alongside just getting The Child himself, LEGO also includes a display shrine with some information about Baby Yoda and a Minifigure interpretation of the character. The final touch there’s a slip up- erected understanding of the Razor Crest’s control clump that the character plays without throughout the series. 

A figure well worth its price 

Entering pieces at a$79.99 price point, this Baby Yoda set is about as solid a value as they come in the LEGO Star Wars world. It’s not too frequently we see a certified tackle with a$0.07 part per bone count. So from that perspective, this figure deserves some praise. 

But as for the complete model itself, I suppose LEGO nailed the prosecution then. Everything about the figure feels complete, and away from some redundant articulation, there’s not essential room for enhancement. This is now the most affordable way to add a Baby Yoda Minifigure into your collection if you’re not looking to shell out for the Razor Crest. 

How does it compare to other Star Wars sets? 

Of all the buildable Star Wars characters released, The Child is fluently stylish. It’s hard not to love Baby Yoda if you’re a Star Wars addict, and the slip-up interpretation then’s about as good as it gets. While the Porg we saw many times back is a close runner-up, I’d recommend this over the D-O droid that launched before in the time. And for the cash, I don’t suppose there’s a better set you could buy right now, at least not when it comes to LEGO Star Wars. 

As for bringing home a LEGO Baby Yoda in any capacity, the$ 20 Brick Headz set from The Mandalorian does give it a run for its plutocrat. But the authenticity then and near life-sized design is hard to overlook. So if$ 80 is in the budget, going with the full-sized Baby Yoda is fluently worth the cash. Eventually, the rearmost LEGO set from the Star Wars macrocosm comes down to whether you find the figure cute like the on-screen Baby Yoda. LEGO further than delivers on the value and offers what feels like one of the complete models. 

With the leaves right around the corner, this will be an easy gift recommendation for Star Wars suckers on your list or just for yourself. So if you’re an addict of The Child or just The Mandalorian overall, this bone is worth a closer look. 



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