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Tips for Buying a Photocopy Machine

With the help of photocopy different types of office-court or any kind of paper printing work is done with the help of photocopy machine. It is necessary to photocopy any type of white, black or colored paper to be written on another piece of paper. There are many types of Photocopy Machines in Bangladesh on the market today. The price of each of these photocopy machines is more or less according to the features. You may want to buy a photocopy machine but you do not know what you can do to get the best copier according to your needs, budget and facilities. So that the copier machine is perfect for your work and you can be satisfied using copier. Before buying a photocopy machine, if you keep in mind the things that you can buy a good photocopy machine, let’s not know those things.

Color or black-and-white photocopy machine

In the current market but you will find two types of photocopy machines. One is black and white photocopy machine and the other is color photocopy machine. But most of all but this black and white photocopy machine runs. Different types of work are done with the help of this photocopy machine. Such as printing of documents, printing of questions and answers, photocopy of ID card and many other things are done. And in the case of color photocopy, it is seen that if ever it is necessary to copy the page of color ID card, then color photocopy machine is used. Although color photocopy machines are used much less than black and white photocopy machines.

Warm up time

If you buy a photocopy machine but you can’t keep it running for long without it working. By doing this, however, the photocopy machine will be likely to break down very quickly. And so when you make a photocopy, you need to turn on the photocopy machine. And it will take a maximum of 20 seconds to turn this on. And these 20 second times is called warm up time. Within 20 seconds the machine will start to heat up to copy any one page. Before buying a photocopy machine, see how fast a machine can warm-up. The sooner it warms up, the higher the priority to purchase.

Machine duty-bicycle

We have already said that each company has a different model photocopy machine. And so the working speed of each model is not the same. In this case, you will see how much is the duty cycle of the machine before buying it. The duty cycle is basically a unit of how many pages a copier can print daily or monthly or in a year. Each company has different copier duty cycles and different types. Generally, all types of copiers of different companies can be copied from 1,200 pages to 1,600 pages per day. If you assume a normal model copier can copy 1,400 pages per day. Then the duty cycle of the copier of that model will be 1,400 pages. And if you want to make more photocopies, you can buy a photocopy machine by looking at the model of copying more pages.

Print speed

Before buying a photocopy machine, look at how fast a machine can print more pages. If you take a new color photocopy machine, you can copy about 15 to 20 pages in one minute. On the other hand, black and white printers copy 25 to 25 pages per minute. Since you are buying a new photocopy machine, always keep in mind how many pages you can print per minute on that machine.

What brand of photocopy machine do you have?

There are many types of photocopy machines on the market today. The prices of these machines are more or less due to the value and features of different companies. But at present in our country, the low price means that the Japanese Toshiba Brand Photocopy Machine is a little less expensive. Other popular brands include Canon, Konica Sharp, and Ricoh.



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