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What is the Difference Between a 4-Star & a 5-Star Hotel?

The Internet revolutionized travel for individuals, while discovering the confusing and unorganized method of rating hotels. While there is no universal method to rate hotels, the majority of travel agencies employ their own method of rating hotels with diamonds or stars. The differences between a single-star and five-star hotel could seem obvious, however the difference between a five-star and a four-star hotel can be a little more subtle. If you need bangladesh 5 star hotels you can visit Grand Sultan Resort

Online travel sites like Expedia.com rely heavily on customer feedback regarding the amenities of hotels to determine their scores. For instance, according Expedia.com, according to Expedia.com, four-star hotels have amenities such as 24 hour rooms service, as well as turn-down services on request, concierge services along with valet parking . Five-star hotel amenities include state of the art wellness centers and spas, lavish spas, gourmet dining as well as butler services, and upgraded check-in facilities. They also have upgraded check-in services. American Automobile Association also considers the amenities included in its diamond rating, separating between five-diamond and four-diamond hotels by determining if the hotel’s amenities meet the expectations of its customers. Four-diamond hotels offer “extensive amenities,” while five-diamond hotels offer “amenities that provide an unmatched level of comfort.”

Room Amenities

The same degree of comfort is also applicable to the rooms, too. AAA Diamond ratings can be distinguished by the degree of service that exceeds the expectations of customers. Four-diamond hotels are sophisticated fashionable, elegant and chic across the entire hotel including guest rooms. Five-diamond hotels are the most luxurious and elegant accommodation. Expedia.com defines rooms in four-star hotels as having modern amenities like large queen or king-sized beds, additional seating, pillows-top mattresses mini-bars, and bath products. Five-star hotels go over with huge bathrooms that are granite or marble with double vanities with electronic drapery controls as well as surround-sound, fresh flowers and.


The level of service offered is possibly one of the main aspects that differentiate the four-star hotels from the five-star hotels. Four-star hotels offer top-quality service to guests, usually providing extra services such as child care services, a poolside restaurant and concierge services to help in making reservations or purchasing tickets. The staff of five-star hotels go far to tailor guest services by utilizing the names of guests and anticipating the needs of each guest. AAA four-diamond hotels are able to provide guests with a warm welcome, exceptional service and attention to details. Five-diamond hotels meet the highest standards and provide a variety of personal services.


AAA recognizes four-diamond hotels for having a stylish design, quality furnishings and an exceptional level of focus on every little detail. Five-diamond hotels are decorated with interiors that are “extraordinary in every manner.” Expedia.com also takes decor into account. Four-star hotels feature lobbies that have high-end decor as well as a number of places to talk. Five-star hotels feature lobbies that are decorated with fresh flowers, comfortable furniture, and original art.



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